Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let the "Adventure" End!

The other day, I managed to find time to chat with my friend, Meredith...sweet, happy Meredith. And I always feel like the big, dark shadow next to her...Point being, she suggested I blog about my recent life changing time. Apparently, my recall of events was slightly humorous.


Jan. 15th, Drew moved in with his parents in Odessa because he changed professions and is now sellling oil field automation and other equipment. I stayed in the house we'd been renting in Alpine with the 4 kids to finish out the school year. He began searching for a home for us in Midland.

Second week of February I was finally free to go view homes in Midland. We met with realtor and discovered homes were a piping hot commodity. After placing offers on six homes and being outbid or flat beat to the punch (seriously, one house we offered on without even seeing, a mere 15 minutes after it was placed on the market, and the sellers already had an accepted contract with two backups.) We redirected our search, found a house, made an offer and discovered that we were dealing with a relocation company. Fine. Counter here, counter there. Contract accepted, end of March.

Meanwhile, the rental house the kids and I were living in was sold, but the closing date was messed up and set to close in the middle of May. School didn't get out until May 31st. So - we had to find another house to live in for a few weeks.


Wasn't this supposed to be funny. Right now, even just recounting the mess in a factual manner, I want to cuss. A lot.

It makes me angry and disappointed that it is now freakin' June 12th and we aren't living in Midland. In fact, the kids and I are now in Sweetwater. Drew is going back and forth between San Antonio, Artesia, Midland and Andrews making sales calls and staying some nights in Odessa, some nights in Sweetwater and weeks at a time in San Antonio. At this point, I'm ambivilant about where we live. We've looked at some incredible options in Sweetwater. I think the house in Midland will be fine for about 2 years. I don't care. I just want us to be back in a house together.

Which brings us to the times I was in the house we were in for the last 3 weeks in Alpine. We call it the Rock House. Lovely. Affordable. Decorated with mainly white furniture. Did I mention our children are ages 7, 5, 2 and 1. And we eat a lot of tomato-based food items.


More to come. I'm currently trying to decide if working is worth it. My photography business is overwhelmed with work that I'm struggling to keep up with while taking care of the kids and being somewhat homeless.