Friday, February 15, 2008

not kidnapped by aliens...just crazy busy

and once again, i've scratched out a few minutes to blog....

well - this week, Stroman turned a year old! i'm stunned how quickly time passed. it makes me long for another baby. but perhaps not another toddler quite yet. he started walking Christmas Day and is a champ at a) not sharing, b) screaming when sister takes something from him and c) throwing the most outrageous fits when he doesn't get his way. yet, he's wonderful!

Cydney is loving the new house (we're renting) and she's terribly fun to take house hunting. if we find a house that is new or empty, she's the first to ask if we can go "peeking and looking" to see if we like it. oddly, she loves every house we see!

this weekend, the grandparents will come to Roswell to celebrate with Stroman. forecast: snow. lots of snow!

also, the first week we were here we got to know a FANTASTIC pediatrician, dr beverley elliott - who treated stroman's ear infection & established cydney as a patient. it's nice to be 10 minutes from the doctor vs. the 2 1/2 hours from the doctor as we were in alpine.

we joined a gym and are loving the opportunity to work out together...which is fabulous now, b/c sweet husband got me an ipod for valentine's day and my days are once again FILLED with music. i'm addicted.

i miss alpine. i miss my friends. sometimes i miss the slowness of that little place. however, drew's job is so much more enjoyable for him. the administration is supportive, informed, involved & the students are focused - must be the military influence here at NMMI.

pictures from playing outside on Stroman's birthday - the ones with the ball, stick & cinderblock fence remind me of a prison yard! Cydney is becoming quite talented at soccer-ball, as she calls it. look at that perfect running form!