Monday, June 30, 2008

Damn Calendar

i realize it is the end of July & this is only my second post in 2 months. you might not be disappointed, but i am. my goal was to have at least 4 - hopefully 10 posts for this month. mainly because we have so much going on and it's fun to when your aunt edith and uncle ernest used to make everyone come over for liver & onions and they just happened to have the slide show from their trip to the mountains up on the wall in the den.

so grab some popcorn and settle in - we're going to do a run-down of whatsagoinon.
the end of may, we were the photogs for a fabulous wedding down at cibolo creek ranch south of marfa, texas.lovely backdrop, fabulous people, tasty dining & several large glasses of wine made for a terrific wedding and weekend. note that the bride was patient through a downed AC in her suite, a small afternoon rain shower that turned into a full blown hail storm only hours prior to the ceremony and the stress of not seeing the love of her life the entire day of the wedding! she was classy through it all. and this couple made drew and i feel more like guests than hired help. if i were to remarry drew, this is the dress i would want. she was stunning...

More to come...that's a threat.

Monday, June 16, 2008

i apologize...

do you ever go through a phase where you feel like all you do is apologize?

i'm in it. deep.

the lab i use for photos has been painfully slow fulfilling orders...tense calls about the whereabouts of photos.

i apologize.

i can't seem to get my cell phone to work for more than, oh, say, 45 days...without some strange glitch that leaves 25 messages/calls lost in space. i never know until someone makes a second pissed off call to me. 

i apologize.

i traversed to the local post office to mail some packages. i hadn't filled out address labels before approaching the window - b/c the last time i mailed a package, let's's how it went down. cyd was tugging on my jeans, asking if she could say hi to the people standing directly behind us. sure cyd. me: "yes, she is very outgoing." (filling out the label while holding stroman who is screaming because i won't let him down to tear all the posters off the walls and set the mailing boxes on fire. stroman grabs the pen i'm using and suddenly the label has a strange diagonal line from the X in TX. hey, maybe my customer won't notice the 10 inch mark across the package. maybe.)  in response to the delightful comments from the couple behind me: "yes, she's really only three. yes, she is very tall for her age." (step up to the window...yeah! our turn. the pain is almost over!) a quick tally of the packages results in this: "what? $45? how is that possible?" 

turns out, i had filled out the priority mail address labels, which can only be used to mail things priority. apparently, priority packages get a deep-tissue massage and are gently laid on piles of soft blankets in warm, fragrant rooms while first-class packages are stuffed into a dark closet laden with old packages. one has a runny nose and an unusual cough. another is a chain-smoker. that's what causes the price difference.

so, i didn't want to make the same mistake, but i thought i might need priority shipping to get the packages to my customer who was already ticked because of the slow lab turnaround (see note above) as fast as possible. this time, stroman in stroller. cyd out of town. and a line of 20 behind me. the postal worker looks over the packages and cites the lack of labels. we clarify that in fact, first-class will work just as fast as priority. i fill out the labels. slap 'em on while juggling the toys that stroman is propelling from the stroller. i go to get my wallet. 


after extensive digging, an old, crusty checkbook surfaces. THANK GOD THE USPS WILL STILL TAKE A PERSONAL CHECK!

finally i escape from the postal services clutches.

to those in line behind me who had to personally witness this process.

i apologize!