Friday, January 29, 2010


man i love to take photos. really, really love to take photos. but i have the hardest time actually utilizing the pics i take of my kids or the family...

so, these images - the ones i really treasure are hidden away on numerous external drives and sometimes i forget about some of them.

recently, i had to drag out an old external to update some photos with new editing software to see how the pictures would work into our new website and see if any might be viable for my old site

What I discovered is that we may have found some answers to the debate over "who does Lexi look like?" - top pics are cyd at 12 months or so. Stroman laughing in green stripes, around 9 months old. notice both have the natural mohawk and big smiles, also full cheeks. Now, it's been true since day 1 that Stroman's head is close to the size it will be when he is full grown...almost. I mean, really - the kid has a huge head! And Lexi's head just recently broke free from what I think of as baby head...

Monday, January 4, 2010

we did it...

okay. breathe in. breathe out.

that's my mantra today.

why? you inquire.

drew resigned from his job today.

crazy! you deduce.

possibly. we are going to chase our photography dreams and eliminate the rat race from our lives. he loves coaching and loved the kids at NMMI, but we are at a point in my photography where the business can stay at its current level - or we can work to grow the business. the sports photography grew wildly in the fall and we've gotten enough business lined up to keep us busy.

overjustifiying. you state.

possibly, but it is what i do best! and i am thrilled that we'll be working together every day.

until the day that i'm not thrilled and i promise you will hear about that if when it happens.