Monday, May 11, 2009

monkey toes

what color do you think it is?

Stroman had another night terror a few nights back.

Judging by how he was screaming "Mommy hold you!" it must have been something tragic that kept me from getting to him in his nightmare.

The next morning, we discussed the episode over breakfast.

"Stroman, did you have a bad dream last night," Drew asked.

"Yeah," Stroman pouted.

"Were you scared?" Drew asked.

"Yeah," the little guy admitted. He's 2-years-old and this episode lasted close to an hour of him screaming, not waking up, just screaming.

Cyd pipes up, "Stroman, did you dream that you got eaten by an alligator? Because I dreamed that once and I was terrified."

"What did the inside of the alligator look like, Cyd?" I joke.

"It's pink," she said without skipping a beat. "Really. It is. I saw it."