Thursday, November 12, 2009

exposure cowboy

when i take photos, i use a digital exposure checker to be certain my colors are correct.

this is stroman helping me with the exposure card.

but i don't care about the colors - look at the smilin' blue eyes on that precious boy!

plus, he's got it upside down which won't tell me much on my histogram.


it's horrible to discover that you've done something wrong. and i believe i have discovered just that.

i might have made a mistake.

see, i don't really think anyone reads my blog. just me. maybe mindi. amy s comes by occassionally. my mom doesn't even read it. drew does if i ask him to...

and then, the other day i got an email from someone saying they enjoyed the photos. how nice, i thought as i folded the blank-ing neverending laundry. (that's for amy!) then i wondered if said nice person was actually some dirty perv...then i was distracted by trying to match socks and didn't go down that sordid bunny trail.
point being - i think my neighbors with the motorcycle read my blog - YIKES!

since my last post i haven't heard one, NOT ONE, single rev of the engine. during nap time or any other time.

when we trick or treated at their house, they seemed nice. (yes, i'm that person. the one that let's her kids take your candy one day and complains about you the next. the "anti-Laren" fan club is in full force somewhere, be sure to sign up.)

thank you neighbors for not revving during naptime.

i'll try not to blog in anger. And now, photos of the kids...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

i've been fighting this

but i can't anymore.

dear neighbor,

how nice it must be that you were guided to buy a motorcycle during your Quarter Life Crisis. it's been nice to know that you enjoy revving the engine of your bad-ass machine from the safety of your loud-ass garage every day. it doesn't seem to have any trouble with the engine, so why not just start it and drive away? is that too much to ask? it is a form of an automobile, yes? ride away!!!

how nice it must be that you apparently didn't decide to have children. how nice it must be not to worry about making sure your children get a good nap so that the witching hour (which is actually 2-3 hours) from 4-6 isn't something that drives you to drink.

however, when you rev your engine everyday 10 minutes into nap time i imagine you might also think it nice to move your ass away from me before i go postal.

have a great day!