Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wanna know a secret?

well, let me take a look at the calendar...

yep - it's wednesday. so, that means we are officially at 11 weeks.

11 weeks is one week shy of the so-called "safe sharing zone" but truth be told our doctor said that when he heard a solid heartbeat 2 weeks ago the chance of miscarriage drops from 25% to less than 1%. I told him that 96% of all percentages were made up. He didn't laugh.

point being - we are pregnant!

and i am one sick woman. sick in the morning. sick in the evening. ravenously hungry & yet, nothing sounds good - except my husband's incredible homemade hamburgers. seriously - he's had to cook me 3 in the last 2 days.

you know what else? i suffered from post-partum depression after stroman's birth and had been taking some medication for it. the doc and i were discussing if i needed to keep on something. there are dangers for the baby if the medication was continued into the third trimester. i told him i had decided to just tough my way through it for the benefit of the baby.

he informed me that he would guide his patients to keep on their meds or find a safe alternative if being off the meds meant they might turn to recreational drugs or excessive alcohol to squash the pain of depression.

and i jokingly said, 'the only redeeming quality i have as a mother is that i'm not a crack-whore."
again, he didn't laugh.

note for next sure to find a doc who gets my jacked-up sense of humor.

no offense to the crack-whore fans of my blog.

Monday, December 1, 2008

knock. knock...

anyone still there?

i agree, it has been forever! glad to see you again & i hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

i didn't.

sick. massively sick. the entire time. for 3 weeks now. sinus infection. stomach bug. and generally, a ticked off attitude.

it got so bad that when drew left for his final football road game of the season, i called my mom...explained the situation and cried when she said she would head to roswell that afternoon. a mere 5-hour drive! for me! sick, stinky, exhausted, me. i was worthy of a 5-hour drive! okay, it was probably those grandkids that were the bait, but let me feel overly loved for crying out loud!

back to the point.

i've discovered - with the help of my overly honest husband - that i would enjoy holidays much, much more if it weren't for all the people...people everywhere. dreadful. it's hard to discuss why i don't care to leave the house much to the very people who kinda make me wanna stay in my house. but then, you might call. perhaps i should just show up. we know what i think about phone calls.

this isn't just because i was ill. remember last year? this! i was serious about this for MULTIPLE REASONS!

but this year - we are having Christmas in Roswell...the kids will actually open gifts at home for once and the roadtrips will be limited. we can partially blame the economy. partially blame the distance to all the various relatives. mostly, we can blame me.

more to come this holiday season!