Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trudging through mud and dragging everyone with me...

Too often I feel like I spend my days trudging through mud and dragging everyone with me. All five of them. Uphill. With at least 2 of them crying. One pouting. One whining. And the big one, my husband, digging in his heels.

Anyone else feel that way? Sometimes it's getting ready for church or school, or while trying to pick up the house before a client comes by. Other times, it is just a regular day and I seem to be the only one working toward the goals of the day. Maybe I'm the only one aware of all the things on the "to do" list...

but sometimes, the days are easy. and we make cupcakes. and decorate them. and the messy kitchen doesn't matter.

the loads of laundry are small in comparison to the returning health of the two little ones. stomach bugs seem to be the only thing the 1 year old and 2 year old want to share these days.

Case = Meerkat, Stroman = Captain America, Lexi=LadyBug, Cyd=Taylor Swift

stroman was a very convincing Captain America
and we managed to get everyone dressed up to go trick or treating. and attend the local fall festival. i even had a conversation with another adult other than my husband. remarkable!

case and madeleine

And we managed to visit some dear friends. Case and Miss M were born on the same day!

My attempt at craftiness. It sparkles. I love!

Cydney's rockin' her Taylor Swift outfit.

Lexi isn't pouting, she's chomping on candy!

Sometimes, trudging through the mud to get things done is the only way anything happens, but it is all a blessing!