Friday, February 11, 2011

sometimes our heart does break

stroman's been a main topic here lately. until mid-January, he'd been home with me and that means lots of talking with momma time. sometimes it's funny. sometimes it's exhausting. but most often listening to stroman makes me tear up.

tonight we received news that a man from our church had a massive heart attack while taking part in one of his favorite activities, swimming.

while we waited for word from the hospital, stroman and cydney were on their beds looking at a few books. i was holding case, begging him to go to sleep. (which he refused.) meanwhile, drew had gone to read with the kids.

i should probably tell you that we are open with our children about life. we feel that they need to know about the realities of life and death. we try to make sure they are aware of dangers but not scared of the world. we discuss heaven and hell, usually as answers to their questions.

tonight, drew told them about our friend.

cydney and stroman came running to get me to do prayers and stroman said, "hey mom, you wanna come pray for George (our dog that died last year), Sammy (his friend from pre-K who stapled his thumb this week) and the man who had an accident in the pool at daddy's school and his heart broke?"

his words were so completely innocent, honest and perfectly described what happened. dan's heart did break. after we had tucked the bigs in bed, we learned that Dan had died. we are comforted to know that his relationship with God was strong, yet we are sad that we won't be able to enjoy him anymore. we ache for his family and hope they have peace and comfort during what must be an incredibly challenging time.

and we will stop to listen more to what our children have to say in their uniquely honest ways.