Wednesday, July 29, 2009

this a.m.

8:00 cereal in bowls, juice in cups, all at table

8:01 realize we are out of milk and convince kids to eat cereal like a snack

8:04 feeding lexi when cyd asks how i get my body to make milk for baby to drink. that's a fun thing to explain to a 4 year old. she took it well.

8:22 remember it is trash day and quickly gather and take trash outside to place on curb. painfully aware as i wave at the neighbor that a) i haven't even knocked the crud out of my eyes from waking up, b) i didn't get the nursing bra hooked back up correctly, c) my hair looks like someone with curly hair who...well, imagine little orphan annie, but less cute and like she had a wild night on the town.

8:24 dressed to head to store for milk, remember that i broke the garage door last night and i haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. decide i just won't get milk. we have water. wonder, "will kids eat cherrios with water tomorrow for breakfast? is that legal?"

8:26 kids ask me to set up tent in living room. done. with tunnels. check. i'm guessing that could provide 35-60 minutes of entertainment and 45 minutes of clean-up!

i need to add that during all of the above, stroman was running around commando in his pj's because i couldn't find his undies. we HAD been on a trip, but still - i came home with clean undies for him and couldn't find them.

and, this small window into our lives was humorous to me. we were stuck in the house. no milk. half naked. that's a good tuesday.

unfortunately, wednesday has already begun so i'll have to catch up on the rest of tuesday another time.

i think i'll have time the 12th of Never or when all the kids are gone to college.