Thursday, February 26, 2009

it took forever!

the ultrasound technician did all of the measuring, checking, etc. and baby remained extremely modest. in fact, tech told me that i was welcome to come back when i had my next ob/gyn appt. and see if her door was open to look again and see if we could find out boy or girl.

but this is the second time we'd been in and i was already concocting a plan of walking around the office for 3 minutes and finding out that day. that was our day to find out!

she noticed my distress, printed out all the other pics and finally was able to confirm...

it's a girl!

everything measured in the normal range. all organs seem to be functioning normally. and just as i told my husband within hours of telling him we were pregnant, it is a girl!

we'll call her Lexi. Short for Laren Alexandria. Laren is also my mother's middle name. Alexandria comes from Drew's sister & represents his side of the family.

cyd is psyched about having a little sister. stroman gave us some pjs last night that are too small and said, "for baby wexie" -- makes the ol' heart melt a bit, eh?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this is the day...

this a.m. we will be dropping by the doc to have our regular visit and are planning to skip down to the ultrasound and learn if we'll be having a boy or girl.

that's usually the highlight. and i'm terribly excited to get to know who we will be welcoming into this world in july.

and yet, there are also so many other issues that could arise today. (can anyone tell that i'm a worrier by nature?) so, i've been deep in prayer for the past few weeks that we will learn about a healthy baby today or that we can deal with any health concerns that we might learn about today. these are the days that as a mom, you kick yourself for that day you skipped your prenatal because it made you nauseous. you wonder if you should have substituted those cravings for a green chile cheeseburger from Tiny's for a less-inticing, but packed with folic acid spinach salad.

so, today we should know which direction we are headed for bedding, stroller, etc. and i've been waiting!

more to come tonight...and i'll try to get you guys some pics.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Joys of Pregnancy

as most of you know, we are pregnant with baby #3.

and at 20 weeks, i should be in the midst of "the glow" - you know, glorious hair, flawless skin, nice nails and a life of ease and beauty. i should damn near look and feel like a chick on some cosmetics commercial.

HOWEVER - this time around i am not glowing. my hair looks less than luxurious. my skin looks as if i'm ready to NOT be asked to prom. and i chipped all of my beautiful nails last week, so we're back to the man hands that have always made me good at manual labor. few women can operate what my family calls blue-handled pliers to build 5-strand barbed-wire fence. but i can. i once suffered carpal-tunnel syndrome from tying in stays...think my sorority sisters know what kind of ambition that takes? i digress.

and, because i haven't gained too much weight, but just enough for it to be noticed, clothing is an issue. i have options between regular pre-prego clothes and maternity clothes and nothing fits. i am simply one van down by the river away from being chris farley...because all i do is pull up my pants! it's an exhausting hobby.

for all of these reasons...there will be no photo to accompany today's post. deal with it. use your imagination.

i know this is only a phase and once the baby bump is more obvious i'll feel beautiful again...i love being pregnant. it's an incredible time and i wouldn't change a bit of it.

except maybe the acne.